How and Why I'm Spring Cleaning my Diet this April

Spring is the perfect time of year to spring clean not only your house, but also your diet. If you’re anything like me, you probably indulged quite a bit over the holidays last year, and you may not have “gotten back on track” since then. With the (hopefully) warmer weather of April, foods like salads, smoothies, and fresh seafood will start to look more appealing. My clients are currently overhauling their diets and incorporating new habits into their lives, and the least I can do to support them is make some changes of my own. I think it’s important that coaches continue to practice what they preach, so that they can 1) understand the challenges that might arise as they make lifestyle changes, and 2) take the best possible care of themselves, so that they are able to show up fully for their clients.

Each year I make it a priority to complete some sort of project. Sometimes it’s health related, sometimes financial, sometimes educational. But whatever it is, I find that it helps me grow as a person to challenge myself and follow through on something that will benefit me and teach me new skills. This year, it’s about taking my relationship with my body to the next level, and uncovering any food intolerances that might be hijacking my health without my knowledge. I’m excited to see what I’ll learn along the way!

I’ve decided that the best way for me to both challenge myself and clean up my diet is to do a month of Whole30. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Whole30 program, it is basically a 30 day elimination diet, designed to help people have more energy and discover any food intolerances that might be sabotaging their day to day life. The foods you give up for the 30 days are sugar, dairy, alcohol, grains, and legumes (and any other artificial/chemical ingredients found in packaged foods). It was designed by a couple in 2009, and is described by them as a “short-term nutritional reset”. You can read the details of the program here.

I’ve never done a program this intense before, and despite being a Health Coach, I’m more than a little intimidated going into this. That being said, I’ve felt the pull of really cleaning up my diet for a while now, and I do believe in “resetting” my system once a year or so. In addition to that, I know that the program works, and I’ve been inspired by friends who have already completed it (in some cases more than once!). They’ve noticed weight loss, increased energy, and clearer skin. But most importantly, they’ve learned to tune into what makes their bodies feel great, and what makes them feel like crap. The most inspiring story yet comes from my good friend Victoria, who noticed a marked difference in her Cerebral Palsy symptoms after the 30 days were up. You can read her personal story here.

If you’re looking to clean up your own diet, feel free to join me! You can email me at, or find me on Facebook at Elisabeth Ricarda Health Coaching. If I get enough interest, I will create a new group and we can all share recipes and support each other! If you’re not quite ready for such a big commitment, but you know you want to make some sort of a change, you can schedule a free consultation with me, and I’ll give you some tips on where to start!


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