with Elisabeth Ricarda


Tired of yo-­yo dieting?
Want to feel good in your skin?
Ready to rock those skinny jeans again?

I want to help get you there.

If you're like I was a not too long ago, you're feeling pretty successful in some areas of your life. You got your degree, you're rocking it at work and you come home to a great place.

But when it comes to your health and your body, you're just not there. You've tried every diet out there, and yet you're unhappy with the results and can't seem to find consistency with your health goals. One week you're at the gym, prepping meals, and feeling great, and the next it's back to bingeing on Netflix, pizza, and wine.

I've been there.

The reason most diets/programs/quick-fixes fail is because they’re not tailored to YOU. You buy something that is prepackaged, but it’s not specific to your needs, your goals, and your lifestyle.

That’s where I come in.

Imagine yourself feeling strong, confident, and slim in 6 weeks.

It’s 100% doable. A lot can change in 6 weeks. Take a look at my own before/after photos (and this was after just 3.5 weeks!):

Through my unique program, I will tailor a plan WITH you that works FOR you. It’s going to be about more than weight loss -
you’re going to feel more confident, have more energy, and feel fantastic in your own skin!

Over the course of 6 weeks, I will take you through a plan that is customized to your lifestyle.

I’ll give you the tools you need to see results and be rocking a new outfit in no time.

This is not about deprivation, calorie counting, or giving up all of your favourite foods. It’s also not a quick fix. This is about transforming not only your body, but your relationship with food and exercise.

My goal is to have you looking and feeling great throughout 2016 - and beyond! love your body elisabeth ricarda

What’s Included in the Program:

*six 45 minute one-on-one coaching sessions with me ($450 value)
*a workout plan that works for YOU
*easy, healthy recipes
*a water bottle to track your water intake
*motivation, support, and all the good vibes you can get!

Your Investment:

You will get all of this healthy goodness for only $199.

What are you waiting for? Email me at with any questions or secure your spot by clicking the "Buy Now" button below! 

I can't wait to start working with you and
getting you looking and feeling your best!
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